Toronto: The Savvy Guide to July

Thank you SavvyMom for including us in your Savvy Guide to July!!!

We are basking in the full glory of summer nostalgia right now. School is out, the pools are open and the days stretch on forever. It’s going to be nothing but picnics, beaches, days in the park, and family road trips. (And, you know, probably a stress-inducing day camp pick-up schedule, but let’s not talk about that.) But it won’t last forever, so here are some tips to help you make the most it.

Maple water drinks
Why? Move over coconut water, maple water is the latest thing in natural ‘super’ waters. It’s actually the sap from sugar maples—the same stuff that gets boiled down to make maple syrup—that’s now sold in tetra packs at Whole Foods and many boutique grocery stores. The idea is that it’s a completely natural, mildly sweet and refreshing drink that’s loaded with mineral and nutrients. Enjoy maple water on its own or use it to make naturally sweetened lemonade, cocktails, or smoothies.