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DesBrisay Dines: Suck on this — Sapsucker’s ‘water’ endearingly Canadian

BY Anne DesBrisay, Ottawa Magazine, Eating and Drinking

“Sparkling, still, tap or maple?”


It’s a question that the families behind Sapsucker would likely love to hear asked in a Canadian restaurant. Or at least in an Ontario one. And after tasting their product – water harvested from the maple trees on their Beaver Valley properties – I wouldn’t mind hearing it too.

The sap (maple ‘water’) is delicate, clean tasting, sweet and with a quiet maple ending. It wasn’t love at first sip for me. I’m used to plain water or thick syrup, and the idea of maple water took a little getting used to. But by the fifth sip I was a convert. Besides, it has an endearing Canadian flavour, something its competition (coconut water) could never boast.

I first encountered Sapsucker maple tree filtered water at a Terroir event in Grey County last year. The two founders, Nancy Chapman and Charlene McGlaughlin, of the newly formed Lower Valley Beverage Company, were introducing their first harvest to a soggy group of chefs and growers, food writers, and activists enjoying al fresco lunch in the driving rain. And then I didn’t give it much thought until I bumped into it again at Whole Foods.


The product is simply the spring water from Ontario maple trees, the sap that flows from the roots, through the trunk, picking up minerals and natural sugar. The resulting liquid is utterly pure, naturally filtered, filled with health-giving properties, packaged in bottles or tetra packs with a long shelf life. Give it a gulp.

For now, in our area, find sapsucker at Whole Foods, 951 Bank

Sapsucker Maple Tree Filtered Water is Sustainably Harvested and Packaged

Sapsucker Maple Tree Filtered Water is Sustainably Harvested and Packaged

Here we grow again!

April is shaping up to be a big month for us. We just finished our second harvest, attending  some great events and we’re releasing a new size to enjoy our tree water.  Introducing organic sapsucker in a 250mL!


The newest member of the Sapsucker family

Perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle, this compact size is the perfect way to bring the delicious taste of Sapsucker with you when you need something lightweight and portable. We also added on organic certification. Rest assured Sapsucker was organic before we got the certification, but now it’s official!

Our newest addition to the Sapsucker family will be making its debut this month as one of Feasts offerings to pair with their chef-made meals crafted with local ingredients. Stay tuned to our Twitter to find out what dates we’re available.

We’re also introducing the new 250ml Sapsucker at this week’s Best Restaurants 2016 party by Toronto Life magazine. It’s an absolute honour for us to be serving our water alongside some of the best new restaurants that this city has to offer!


We’ll be at Toronto Life’s Best Restaurants of 2016

Come over for dinner!

The 250ml Sapsuckers contain the fruits of our 2016 spring harvest, which just recently finished. The spring harvest for us is a bit of a whirlwind so we wanted to celebrate our return to a normal work-life balance (sort of).   What better way to celebrate the end of the season than by celebrating the very reason we harvest in the first place? The sap! And so we are proud to announce the very first Sapsucker Forest-to-Table dinner series in partnership with Urban Acorn and The Flying Chestnut.

We believe that food brings people together and where it comes from matters, which is why partnering with Urban Acorn on this edition of their vegan supper club was a natural decision. Over the course of three nights the folks from Urban Acorn will serve a delicious sap inspired meal to a group of people in a pop-up kitchen space near their Junction retail location. We’ve been given a sneak peak of the menu  and have been dreaming about it all week. You can get tickets here!


Urban Acorn put together a great poster for the event!

Following this on April 17th our friends at The Flying Chestnut will be having a one-off sap inspired dinner as well. This one is special as it is on our home turf in the Valley where Sapsucker got it’s start. Be sure  to call them for reservations because once it’s booked that’s it!

So join us for dinner in order to celebrate the end of our second harvest and the beginning of our second product, the organic 250ml Sapsucker!

The Singhampton Project – Love at First Bite

Those close to us know that Sapsucker isn’t only a product we created, it’s a lifestyle that we strive to live everyday. After being swept up in the undertow of urban life we’re trying to get back to our rural routes and live a slower, more authentic way of life. We’ve found this much easier to do when we are surrounded by like-minded people, Michael and Nobuyo Stadtlander are experts in the field.

We first met Michael and Nobuyo when we started attending the dinners at their property, Eigensinn Farm, and it was love at first bite. Getting to spend time with family and friends eating delicious food that had been grown from the earth we were standing on is the epitome of our happy place. Like us, they had done the city thing and were looking to slow things down in a rural setting. Eigensinn is a magical place that combines agriculture, cooking, craftmanship and art in to a creative haven that we think everyone should experience once in their lifetime. In case you can’t make the drive out to the farm now you’re lucky enough to be able to experience it at Tiff Bell Lightbox on Wednesday, March 22. 


Michael Stadtlander and one of the cooks making dinner at Eigensinn Farm

This Wednesday Tiff Bell Lightbox will be showing a documentary called The Singhampton Project as part of their Food on Film series. The documentary, by director Jonathan Staav, profiles a project by Michael Stadtlander and landscape artist Jean Paul Ganem. These two visionaries teamed up to grow seven different gardens which each grew the components for one course in a seven-course meal. Guests strolled from garden to garden experiencing a change in landscape with each course.

We have always been inspired by the Stadtlanders, they were one of the first people that we came to with Sapsucker (you can even see our very own Nancy in the film, years before the birth of Sapsucker). They’ve been some of our biggest champions which means a lot to us as we’re one of the only consumable products that they support. One of our first events was the Eigensinn wild leek and maple syrup festival, which was kind of like Sapsuckers coming out. We’re so excited to see this documentary, so we can re-visit one of the most magical dinner we’ve ever eaten and truly gain an understanding of the months of work that went in to making it happen.

Join us at TIFF Bell Lightbox this Wednesday to see The Singhampton Project, you can get your tickets here!

We’ve got a spring in our step!

We’re in love with spring!!! The birds are chirping, the sun is warm and most importantly its sap season! This time of year is especially busy for us as it is the only time of year that we harvest the delicate sap that is Sapsucker maple water.

Tap'D 009

A spring harvest of Sap

Early springtime provides us with the perfect temperature for harvesting maple water. Cool spring air means the trees still have stores of energy from winter, while the thawing of the earth provides warmth for the sap to flow. We have a small window to collect Sapsucker.  Once buds appear on the trees, our harvest time is over.

This means that every spring we keep a keen eye on the weather, making plans based on forecasts that have been known to change at the tip of a hat. That mainstay of polite small-talk, the weather, becomes our favourite topic of conversation. Is it going to warm up? Is it supposed to stay warm? I heard there was going to be another cold snap!

This year we’re inviting everyone to be weather watchers with us! We’ve installed the weather widget on our blog to keep everyone up-to-date on the meteorological goings-on in Flesherton.

The weather widget got us thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could invite everyone out to the sugar bush with us to share this season that we hold so dear? We had to make some concessions for practicality but decided the best way to do this would be to set up Sapsucker’s (and as far as we could tell the world’s) first Sapcam!

This web cam is trained on one of the maple trees we’ve tapped on our properties. We know not everyone has had the opportunity to come out to a sugar bush. That was part of our motivation for starting Sapsucker, to share this secret of rural Ontario life with everyone. Now we want to take it one step further and give people a chance to see an Ontario maple tree with the sap flowing in real time.

Tap'D 041

It only comes out of the tree one drop at a time

It might seem a bit sappy but we’re proud to share our second harvest with you, so check out the Sapcam and join in the fun! Don’t forget to follow us on the Sapsucker maple water Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to stay up-to-date on everything else we have planned for the spring harvest!

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